Deutsch als Zweitsprache

Deutschorden-Gymnasium has been a “support point school for pupils of non-German origin with a gifted grammar school profile” since 2015.

A unique concept

Our school concept is called the “Bad Mergentheim Model” by the Stuttgart Regional Council, and this name alone shows that Deutschorden-Gymnasium has developed something unique: At DOG, pupils of non-German origin with the necessary language school talent and motivation are accepted without any knowledge of German. The special feature about our model is that these gifted pupils attend regular lessons from the very beginning and are therefore firmly integrated into a class. Every day, they are taken out of regular classroom lessons in order to receive individual support in the a traditional preparatory class. As we focus on regular schooling in a class immediately. This ensures the best possible integration right from the start.

Successful up to the Abitur

In the school years 2015 and 2016, pupils who had come to the school with no or only rudimentary knowledge of German successfully completed their Abitur. In 2020, three young people of Syrian origin were able to achieve this important goal in their careers for the first time.

"Everything was different and new - the school system, the language, the books. At the beginning, I didn't understand a lot of what a teacher said, but after a year or so, I started to get the hang of it. I now even think and dream in German,” says Aslan Saeed, summing up his career at our school, which he successfully completed with the Abitur.

The DaZ-Team

Eva Grund
Eva GrundHead of department eva.grund@dog-mgh.de
Dr. Cemal Saraç
Dr. Cemal SaraçDaZ teachercemal.sarac@dog-mgh.de
Simone Schermutzki
Simone SchermutzkiDaZ teachersimone.schermutzki@dog-mgh.de
Constanze Wrobel
Constanze WrobelDaZ teacherconstanze.wrobel@dog-mgh.de

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